Ever since the first days of my youth, my parents knew that I would once become a citizen of the world, traveling from one part to another in search for the best opportunities which life can offer me. I was born in Kerala, India in 1979 and lived in various places, in different parts of the world, pursuing my education and career. I gained my BS (CS) in another Indian state called Tamil Nadu, where I learned how to speak a new language as well, broadening my cultural knowledge alongside my education. Like most of the common graduates, I have decided to return to Kerala in order to start my career and pursue the further advancement from there.

Now, I find myself in Doha, Qatar, thousands of miles from my home but close enough to achieving the ultimate career development with couple of important and cutting-edge projects which I am currently participating in. Where will I find myself afterwards is still uncertain. As a man who has developed different skills in the Information Technology, I will most likely find myself in such place where my expertise is highly appreciated and greeted with respect.

As stated above, I am currently working in Doha Qatar, as an Information Technology Consultant who is associated with one the most prestigious projects led by Qatar Government. I believe that Doha is absolutely the right place for me and besides my home there isn’t such place in the world in which I would rather be right now. Having such an amazing opportunity to participate in this specific project in Doha has provided me a great combination of both engineering and science in my work, which I have sought for quite a long time for the development of my career. The previous 18 years of the IT experience brought me amazing things, along which the most important are the 12 international certifications which witness my world-approved IT expertise. This enabled me to be in the group of highly qualified IT Specialists.

In addition, I have been spear heading in numerous occasions and for the different expertise fields; Among my most notable work assignments; I have worked on the implementation of high scalable and heterogeneous networks, information security management systems, design and implement extended back offices for Inc. 500 companies, Building offshore development Center, Total infrastructure solutions, Data centers with Disaster Recovery solutions/office. Such experience has enabled me a quick and successful advancement in IT sector, which eventually led me to Doha, Qatar. I am looking forward to explore new and innovative approaches towards the standardization and improvement of technologies and processes which seek optimization. I like to be called as a Higher form of Technology, rather than an Engineer, Manager, Specialist or Consultant.

Lots of people have told me that I usually concentrate on the things which are closely related to my career and educational development rather on some personal notes related to myself. In addition to my IT interests, I have developed a great interest for music, especially rock and folk melodies which are one of the most astonishing pieces of art I have ever encountered. I adore Sci-Fi movies and Hindu sitcoms and when it comes to the video games I am as passionate as a child. As for the operating systems I would have to say that the Linux rules, even though Bill Gates is one of my role models being one of the most revolutionary figures who have altered our modern lives, from the both technological and business point of view. I believe only Rahul Dravid and Mahatma Gandhi has guts to fight against English. Overall, as a rather successful IT consultant, I love working on the advancement of my career and usually enjoy artistic development as well. I believe that such combination is an important feature of every successful person. I am looking forward to continuing such trend and experience of the advantages which life can offer me!

# Rocking from Doha with my lovely wife Sini & my little pumpkin Taashi; On 24/7 basis!!!