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You’ll never be as cool as this reporter catching a foul ball on air

Image: sean winters / flickr

The good news is, we can all stop bothering to try and look cool. The bad news is, it’s because we’ve all just been outpaced by one Steve Gelbs.

The SNY reporter pulled what is possibly the slickest move in the history of sports when he casually caught a foul ball during a live report, like it was no big deal.

I mean, just look at this:

Gelbs was reporting from Houston’s Minute Maid Park on Saturday when, in the middle of a segment about relief efforts in response to Hurricane Harvey, a foul ball bounced toward the third-base dugout.

Some of us (okay, I) might have ducked for their lives. Others might’ve flinched as we saw a hard object flying straight at us, or allowed for a moment of giddy celebration once we caught it.

Not Gelbs. Gelbs plucked the ball out of the air like it was nothing, and just kept on going. Only the shouting of the crowds forced him to interrupt his own report to explain what had happened. 

He even kept his composure later on, tweeting that he was “happier” to report on Houston’s hurricane relief efforts than he was about catching the ball.

Like I said: just the coolest.

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