You can take $10 off a Switch Pro Controller or a pair of Joy-Cons today

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Today’s Dealmaster should be of interest to anyone in the market for a new Nintendo Switch gamepad, as both the Switch Pro Controller and pairs of the console’s default Joy-Con controllers are currently $10 off. The deals bring them down to $59 and $69, respectively. Neither offer represents the absolute lowest price we’ve seen, and there’s always a chance we see steeper drops on Black Friday, but discounts on both products have been rare this year. For the Switch Pro Controller, this matches the best price we’ve seen (on a handful of occasions) in 2020. For the Joy-Cons, it’s the best price we’ve tracked since January, though for some newer variants it matches the biggest discount we’ve seen in general.

As for the devices themselves, we still recommend the Switch Pro Controller for anyone who spends as much time playing their Switch on the TV as they do in the console’s handheld mode. It’s immediately more comfortable than the default Joy-Cons, with roomier triggers, face buttons and joy-sticks, an actual d-pad, and excellent battery life that lasts around 40 hours. It should feel right at home for anyone who has played an Xbox or PlayStation in recent years. Plus, it can work with a gaming PC if needed.

The Joy-Cons aren’t as ergonomic, especially over longer play sessions, and there’s always the risk of “drift” settling in over time. If you only need one controller, note that Nintendo will soon drop the price of single Joy-Cons to $40 in the coming weeks. But Nintendo has gotten better about addressing any durability issues that may arise, and really, there aren’t many other options for those who mostly play their Switch away from the big screen.

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