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Ygritte’s IRL childhood castle is available to rent on Airbnb

Turns out Rose Leslie had a slightly more comfortable upbringing than her character Ygritte. But then again, so did most people.

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You know nothing, Mashable reader…

Sorry, that was a little harsh, but did you know that Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie (a.k.a. the wildling Ygritte) grew up in a 15th century castle in Scotland? And did you know that you can stay in that very same castle?

The estate is called Lickleyhead Castle, and it’s available to rent on Airbnb from a meagre £600 ($802) a night — total bargain. 

The property is owned by Leslie’s parents, and apparently it was their children (Rose included) who convinced them to put the place on Airbnb.

Not quite Winterfell but it'll definitely do the trick.

Not quite Winterfell but it’ll definitely do the trick.

Check out that sweet turret action.

Check out that sweet turret action.

Almost certainly no mass-slaughters in here, nossir!

Almost certainly no mass-slaughters in here, nossir!

According to the Airbnb listing, the castle features a “Large great hall for spending time together” and “In the past we have hosted small weddings.” Let’s hope none of them were Red Weddings. 

There’s also a BBQ area outside, very handy for if any of Ygritte’s wildling besties the Thenns turn up. Less handy for any guests, what with the Thenns being ferocious cannibals and all.

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