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‘Yellow Pages for funding’ helps Indonesian startups find the right investor

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Fundraising for your business can be a daunting prospect, especially for first-time entrepreneurs.

In Indonesia, a new site has launched that wants to make things easier. – still in beta – lists a range of capital sources like banks, venture capital firms, angel investors, foundations, or crowdfunding sites. For registered users, it also offers assistance in finding the right type of funding depending on the business they run.

It’s managed by Angin – a group of angel investors in Indonesia.

Valencia Dea, an investment associate at Angin, says the site was created based on problems Angin frequently encountered. They saw entrepreneurs pick the wrong investor. Some didn’t know where to find funding and lacked the experience to negotiate with potential investors.

“We have a solid picture of who can fund what. We know the investors and know how to liaise with them,” says Dea.

Angin wants to serve Indonesia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem with this site as if it were a Yellow Pages for funding.

It’s also working on features that go beyond looking up information. When officially launches at the end of this month, it plans to include things like a discussion forum and ways to connect with relevant investors instantly, through the platform.

Angin launched the site with the support of Indonesia’s Agency for Creative Economy (Bekraf) – a government body – and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). UNDP provided technical and financial support, while Bekraf helps spread the word about the platform’s existence, Dea explained.

This article first appeared in Indonesian, written by Risky Maulana. Information was translated and edited for this version.

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