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World View’s stratollite brought a KFC chicken sandwich to the edge of space

World View is building a different kind of space business, using high altitude balloons to bring cargo and provide services in the Earth’s stratosphere, the middle layer of the atmosphere separating us from space. It’s tech that could have a big impact in science and business, but World View launched cargo today that has questionable value in either realm: A KFC Chicken Zinger.

I didn’t know what a “zinger” was but it’s apparently a spicy chicken sandwich. So, like, the first thing you think of when you imagine new frontiers. You can watch the hot sandy’s whole journey below:

I’d put a sandwich into space, too, if my job was to run a for-profit space tech company and KFC came calling with a fat wad of cash. Let’s just hope the Colonel’s fat stacks help World View fund some serious science down the road.

World View also hopes to eventually offer tourist rides via special balloon-flown passenger capsules, so you, too, can one day hope to reach the lofty heights of a saucy fried bird burger.

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