Windows 10X Leaked to the Web and Everyone Can Try It Out

Windows 10X is Microsoft’s ambitious operating system supposed to bring a Windows 10 experience to dual-screen devices, and people close to the matter said the company has recently completed its development.

In other words, Windows 10X should be finalized, which means the first devices running it should go live in the spring of the next year.

If you want to see what Windows 10X is all about, the good news is that a nearly-final build has leaked to the web and anyone can try it out if you know where to look. We obviously can’t provide you with a download link, though it’s really not that hard to find it, pretty much because the number of download mirrors has increased substantially lately.

Launching in the spring on single-screen devices

In the meantime, what you need to know is that the first Windows 10X devices launching in the spring wouldn’t come with a dual-screen form factor but stick with a single-screen experience.

This is because Microso… (read more)

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