Windows 10 Version 1809 Comes with at Least Two Known Task Manager Bugs

Microsoft took everyone by surprise earlier this week when it decided to skip the Release Preview ring of the Windows Insider program and begin the public rollout of Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

This move pretty much suggests that no further testing was necessary for the update, which in turn means that all known bugs were fixed and everything was ready for launch to production devices.

But as it turns out, this isn’t the case of the improved Task Manager in Windows 10 version 1809, which comes with at least two bugs, both of them among the known issues that Microsoft reported during the Windows Insider program.

First and foremost, there’s the blinking bug that impacts Task Manager and which can be noticed in the Background processes section. The issue existed in several builds pushed to insiders, and was only recently resolved in Windows 10 build 18252 shipped today.

“We fixed the issue where the arrows to expand “Background processes” in Task Manager blink c… (read more)

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