William Shatner Upset By Police Who Drew Guns Upon Stormtrooper On May 4th

McGruber writes: On Twitter, William Shatner is sending his contempt to the Lethbridge Police department and three of its officers that celebrated May Fourth by drawing their rifles on and then taking down a woman dressed as Stormtrooper, who had been standing in the parking lot of a Star Wars-themed business. According to CTV News, the restaurant was promoting its special May the 4th drive-by and takeaway menus with a dancing stormtrooper.

“In the video, Ashley can be seen dropping the blaster and trying to get on the ground as the officers surround her but being unable to do so due to the rigidity of the costume,” reports CBR. “The officers then push her down, remove the helmet, handcuff her and pat down the stormtrooper costume. At the same time as Ashley’s boss Brad Whalen, the owner of the Cantina, screamed to the police that Ashley was holding a plastic gun, the author of the video approached the officers to tell them the same thing. The police, however, instructed him to stay back and not interfere.”

An investigation has been opened to see if the officers’ actions were appropriate.


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