Wi-Fi 6 Announced by Wi-Fi Alliance

Wi-Fi Alliance announced Wi-Fi 6, the new name for the 802.11ax standard, giving up on the old 802.11 naming scheme and choosing to go forward using a numerical sequence making it easier for both users and vendors to differentiate between various Wi-Fi tech standards.

The new generational approach provides users, product vendors, OS vendors, and service providers with a simple and more straightforward way of identifying the capabilities of the Wi-Fi standard a specific device or wireless network users.

According to Wi-Fi Alliance’s press release, Wi-Fi 6 now identifies 802.11ax technology, Wi-Fi 5 designates 802.11ac tech, and Wi-Fi 4 is the new name for 802.11n standard.

The new generational approach was chosen to better highlight significant advancements in Wi-Fi technology, with a host of new features, from increased throughput and faster speeds, to support for more concu… (read more)

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