Why a New Post-Update Windows 10 Experience Is Good News for Everybody

Windows 10 feature updates are more or less major releases that lots of users are super excited about, but on the other hand, there are also people who aren’t too keen on installing them due to the likelihood of bugs and the big number of new features.

While it sounds odd for someone not to be excited about a Windows 10 feature update because of the big number of new features, this is something that’s really happening, especially among those who just want to stick with a familiar working environment.

This is also the reason some users who are still running Windows 7 don’t plan to upgrade to Windows 10 anytime soon, mostly because of the modern experience that includes a Microsoft Store, Cortana, an Action Center, and everything.

One way to make the most of feature updates and become more familiar with the changes that they bring to Windows 10 users is to actually provide those who install it with a very detailed look at what’s new.

And this is exactly what Micros… (read more)

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