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When you dress a kid up like Pennywise from ‘It,’ you’re going to get a great Photoshop battle

The horror movie It has been everywhere lately. First the film became a box office hit and then Pennywise the clown took over the internet with a series of hilarious memes.

You could have already guessed that It was bound for a lots of Halloween costumes, but you might not have guessed classic photoshop battle was coming. 

It started when Reddit user, Minifig81 posted a photo of a kid dressed up as a grumpy little Pennywise the clown Friday morning. 

Then, photoshop hilarity ensued. 

Pennywise the clown got a sidekick

Someone figured out Pennywise’s origin story

By d___ricketts

It 1/2 is the next horror movie I want to see

By PizzaBoyztv


Little Pennywise isn’t able to get on the ride

Little Pennywise’s first day of school, so adorable

By Jamesmmackey

Little Pennywise became a grumpy Oompa Loompa 

Look away for a split second and this is what you might see

Take a look at the complete thread of all the wild photoshops on Reddit.

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