WhatsApp Finally Gets a Feature That Should Have Been There from the Beginning

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has released a new update for the messaging app on iPhone and Android in order to add a chat muting option that should have been there from the very beginning.

In the previous versions of WhatsApp for mobile devices, whenever a user wanted to mute a contact, the available options were 8 hours, one week, and one year. Once the selected time expired, WhatsApp automatically unmuted the contact, once again allowing message notifications to show up on the device.

The latest version of WhatsApp fixes the whole thing and adds an “Always” option that allows you to mute a specific contact indefinitely. The new options to mute a contact are now 8 hours, one week, and always.

As you can easily figure out, choosing always means your contact is muted forever until you manually unmute them from the same screen.

More options on their way

In the meantime, WhatsApp has started the work on more improvements for its mobile and desktop clien… (read more)

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