Welcome to the new age of technology?

I overheard a conversation which began with “When life returns to normal…” and I wondered, why? Rolling back time, returning to the good ol’ days, would we forget the amazing breakthroughs we made?  The COVID-19 crisis changed our way of thinking, forcing us to focus on survival and solutions. Instead of falling prey to mass hysteria, normal people, not superheroes are stepping up, taking chances and creating order out of chaos.

The pandemic removed obstacles that long shackled companies to the traditional way of doing business. In the past, because of the fear of change, technological advances outpace business adoption. However, in the past few months, businesses changed rapidly (without fearing the consequences) and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. Shelter in place policies created vibrant virtual communities with measurable goals that focused on results. Many companies went virtual in days without missing a deliverable or disappointing a client. The future of technology is exciting, with increased demand for innovation and managers who are willing to change.

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