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Watch this farmer’s emotional reunion with his animals after Hurricane Harvey and know there is good in the world

You may want to grab tissues for this one. Or three boxes. 

Farmer Lester Morrow recorded the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey on his property and graciously posted it on YouTube last week. 

At first, he’s just calmly surveying the damage, but his whole demeanor changes when he spots something in the distance. He starts emotionally yelling for Patty. Who in the hell is Patty?

It’s like a scene in a movie. The first spot of Patty the pig brings him into happy cries. The emotional reunion continued with Morrow finding more of his farm animals. Is someone cutting onions in here?

He was shock to find some of them alive after Hurricane Harvey and even created a gofundme for them. 

We’re glad to see Morrow, his family, and a few of his pets are OK despite the destruction that Harvey brought. 

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