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Watch Google’s I/O 2017 VR keynote right here

Google’s main keynote for its I/O developer conference happened yesterday, but the event isn’t over yet. Far from it. Today, the company is hosting its first keynote solely focused on virtual and augmented reality.

The VR keynote starts at 9:30am Pacific Time, 12:30pm on the East Coast, 6pm in London and 7pm in Central Europe — and you can watch it right here. You can also follow along with our live commentary here.

The company already made a few VR-related announcements yesterday, but we expect to hear quite a bit more today — especially around its new stand-alone VR headset initiative, which only got a passing mention in yesterday’s event.

If you tune in early, you’ll likely see another I/O session in the live stream, but don’t despair, we’re pretty sure that we embedded the right video stream.

If you want to watch any other I/O sessions today, you can find the full live streaming schedule here.

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