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Watch Alchemist Accelerator’s Demo Day Right Here

TechCrunch is pleased to bring you Alchemist Accelerator‘s demo day.

Alchemist is one of those rare programs that focuses on enterprise startups. These aren’t your parents enterprise companies. Pitches today will span products that help businesses crowdfunding, wearables, sustainable farming and managing meetings with the power of AI.

Investors and press will hear pitches from 15 enterprise companies. The demos start at 3:00pm PT and are expected to last two hours. You can watch it live here or below.

Nobal Technologies
The Imirror is the World’s Most Advanced Interactive Mirror – Helping Retail Connect with Consumers in the Fitting Room – Where Buying Decisions are Made. Team: Pieter Boekhoff (2016 Startup Canada Entrepreneur of the Year, CIS MRU), Thomas Battle (MBA), Alain Kassangana (Masters Eng).

The Revolution of Access Control – Everykey can Unlock your Phone, Laptop, Car, House, or any other Device when you’re close by, and also log you into your Website Accounts! Team: John Mcafee (Founder of Mcafee Antivirus), Simon Boag (Former President of Chrysler & GM), Chris Wentz (Made over $100k in college selling iPads), Max Simon (Started haunted house in middle school and grew it to millions in annual revenue)

The Fastest Internet Service Powered by Locals that Helps Property Owners Generate Cashflow. Team: Thu Nguyen (5G/Wireless at TELUS/Marvell, Waterloo Engineering), Andrew Ta (Managed technology strategy teams at both of the largest Canadian telecoms: TELUS/Bell, Ivey MBA), Chris Yap (Shipped fiber chips at Marvell, Previous startup focused on 60GHz Hardware, Stanford Engineering)

Smart Crowdsourcing Platform Allowing Companies to Find and Engage Instantly with Diverse Talent. Team: Joss Leufrancois (Co-Founded Aldelia,a $50M recruitment business established in 9 countries), Emmanuel Marboeuf (Former Technical Expert and Intern’tl. speaker in Cyberdefense Innovation)

Helps Plant Managers in Factories Increase Machine and Labor Productivity by Having Real-Time Access to Key Metrics of Machines. Data is Captured Using a Simple, Non-Invasive Retrofit Sensor that Monitors Across Machine-Types. Team: Akshat Thirani (CS Northwestern University, won the Thiel Summit pitch prize); Phil House (CS Northwestern University); Sachin Lal (CS Northwestern University, won the 2016 MIT Clean Energy prize)

Uptime (Previously EyePiece)
Building a Smarter Industrial Communication System Using Wearables. Team: Will Schumaker (PhD in Optics from Stanford/UMich), Michael Leung (PhD student in EE from Stanford/Waterloo)

Enterprise Sales and Expansion Platform that Uses AI to Maximize Revenue for Sales and Account Management Teams. Team: Will Cheung (Head of Customer Success at Sequoia-backed startup, CS from CMU), Jochen Bedersdorfer (Intel AI Group, VP Eng of text analytics startup)

High Density Internet of Things for Industrial IoT, Smart Agriculture, and other Use Cases that Involve Scaling Sensors and Actuators to 1000s in Close Proximity. Team: Rana Basheer (PhD, Principal Scientist Broadcom, Garmin), Atul Patel (OneScreen, Jornaya and OptimalSocial)

High Sensitivity NMR Detection for Elemental Analysis in Water. Our Unique IP Allows for Detection of Trace Contaminants in Real Time, Using Micro NMR Technology. Team: George Farquar, Ph.D. (former LLNL), Julie Bowen, Ph.D. (former LLNL), Mark Stephenson (20+ years water industry experience)

Data Security Platform for Enterprises to Manage and Mitigate Risks with Sensitive Data in One Place. Team: Balaji Ganesan (Ex XA Secure acquired by Hortonworks), Don Bosco Durai (Ex XA Secure acquired by Hortonworks, Ex Bharosa acquired by Oracle)

Stellic (Previously Metis Labs)
Student Success Platform Designed to Help Students Organize their College Journey and Graduate on Time; Built by Students, for Students; Solves Growing Student Retention Problem Faced by Higher Ed. Team: Sabih (CMU CS ’15), Rukhsar (CMU CS ’15), Jiyda (CMU IS ’15)

AI Driven Meeting Collaboration Platform that Delivers Deep Actionable Insights from Meetings Across the Enterprise. Team: Alex Bergo, PhD (Expert Collab., NLP, ML), Viil Lid, PhD (Collab. tech., HCI, Analytics).

Next Generation Inventory Software. In the US, $1 Trillion or 20% of Retail Sales are Lost every Year Because of Stockouts and Overstocks. We Prevent this Loss by Algorithmically Generating a Demand Forecast and Centralizing it with Real-time Sales, Inventory, and Procurement Data. Team: Anna Tolmach (Wharton, Stanford MBA), Rachel Liaw (Stanford, UCLA, JD Candidate, 2018), Bridget Vuong (Stanford University, MS CS)

Platform that Makes Sense of the World’s API Data to Change How APIs are Created, Debugged, and Used. Team: Derric Gilling (Intel Xeon Phi CPU Architect, Computer Eng @University of Michigan), Xing Wang (Executive Producer @Zynga, previously Microsoft, Computer Science @MIT)

Farmwise (Previously DeepLook)
Sustainable Farming, at Scale. Team: Sebastien Boyer (CS MIT), Thomas Palomares (MS&E Stanford)

Text IQ
Protecting Enterprises from High-Stakes Legal Disasters by Using AI to Identify Sensitive, Reputationally Damaging, and Privileged Documents that Frequently Get Missed by Human Analysts And Attorneys. Team: Apoorv Agarwal (Ph.D. in Computer Science, Columbia, original contributor of IBM Watson), Omar Haroun (JD/MBA, Columbia, 3x Founder with recent exit).

Deep Relevance
Internal Fraud Monitoring Platform that Uses Behavioral AI to Help Finance & Audit Teams Prevent Employee & Vendor Fraud. Team: Kiran Ratnapu (VP Risk Technology, Merrill Lynch, MIT, IIT Bombay), Prasanna Kumar (Healthcare & Machine learning at Epic & startups, IIT Bombay CS)

3D Visualizations Powering New Digital Experiences for Consumers Across all Devices and Browsers. Team: Alexa Fleischman (EMC, Box, Boston College), Zack Fleischman (Microsoft Xbox, Zynga, Carnegie Mellon University), Matt Schiller (The Advisory Board, Cornell University)

The History Project
Empowering organizations to document, share and present institutional knowledge through a visual collaboration tool. Team: Niles Lichtenstein (Harvard, Monitor, Ansible – aquired by IPG, Velti – acquired by Blackstone), Michael Devin (Principal Tech Architect at Frog, DARPA Director’s Medal, GE), Ben Yee (ITP, UX at Gilt Group)

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