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VIZIO SmartCast Soundbar System is on sale for $30 off at Walmart

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This soundbar produces some serious bass.

Image: vizio

The Patriots and Rams are going head to head this Sunday. With the game, commercials, and halftime show, there’s going to be a lot to watch and listen to. And if you’re hosting a crowd, your TV’s sound system might not cut it.

Fear not: The VIZIO SmartCast Soundbar System is on sale for less than $200 at Walmart. With crystal clear sound delivery, you’re going to catch every second of commentary and entertainment Sunday night. 

The wireless subwoofer creates a booming bass and the two satellite speakers form a surround sound experience. The Bluetooth soundbar can play audio from any Chromecast-enabled app and connects to Google Assistant devices, so you can have voice-activated stellar sound.

The 36-inch soundbar can be wall mounted, placed on a table top, or built into an entertainment system. The VIZIO SmartCast Soundbar System can be yours for $198 at Walmart.

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