US Military Apologizes For Joking about Bombing ‘Millennials’ Who Might Storm Area 51

“The US military has been forced to apologise for tweeting that it would use stealth-bombers on ‘millenials’ who try to storm Area 51,” reports Yahoo News UK:

More than two million people signed up to a Facebook event recently which encouraged atendees to visit the top secret base in Nevada. But only a few thousand UFO enthusiasts turned up on Friday to the facility, which is rumoured to contain secrets about aliens. As hordes of enthusiasts turned up the PR arm of the US military, called the Defence Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS), tweeted: “The last thing #Millennials will see if they attempt the #area51raid today” with a picture of military officers in front of a stealth bomber.

Shortly afterwards the tweet was deleted and the unit apologised saying it “in no way” reflects their stance… “It was inappropriate and we apologize for this mistake.”

Around 1,000 people visited the facility’s gates on Friday and at least six were arrested by police.

The Storm Area 51 invitation spawned festivals in the tiny nearby towns of Rachel and Hiko, more than two hours’ drive from Las Vegas. Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee estimated late on Thursday that about 1,500 people had gathered at the festival sites, and more than 150 made the trip several additional miles on bone-rattling dirt roads to get within selfie distance of the gates…. “It’s public land,” the sheriff said. “They’re allowed to go to the gate as long as they don’t cross the boundary.”
Most of the arrests were for “misdemeanor trespassing on base property,” which carries a $1,000 fine, according to the article. “In the end, no one actually ‘stormed’ Area 51, although deputies in rural Nye County resorted to ‘heated warnings’ to disperse as many as 200 people,” reports the Associated Press.

In another article the news service also quotes Lincoln County emergency services chief Eric Holt as saying resources had been mustered to handle up to 30,000 people and calling the low turnout a “best-case” scenario… Although there were two car crashes involving cows. “The cows died, but motorists weren’t hurt.”

Meanwhile, the “Area 51 Basecamp” festival sold just 500 tickets for their Friday concert, prompting them to cancel their Saturday concert altogether. The promoter told the Associated Press, “It was a gamble financially. We lost.”

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