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UPS guy delivers the best selfies whenever he drops off a package

Someone give this man a raise. And maybe a modeling gig. 

When this UPS driver delivers packages to Reddit user u/deadleaf_shrimp’s apartment, the building mailroom emails its residents with a picture. As deadleaf_shrimp writes in a post, the email is supposed to include a photo of the shipping label. 

Instead, a certain driver got creative. 

The hero was identified as Colby Holloway. He acknowledged his newfound fame on his Instagram story: “Since I’m Reddit ‘famous’ for a day … everyone listen to @dolloppodcast.” 

He also dropped a Patton Oswalt quote about kindness. 

Apparently Holloway takes selfies often while delivering packages. A neighbor who lived in the same building popped by the comments to post a picture that Holloway left. 

Other Redditors commented with their own stories of leaving hilarious pictures. 

Some were … less hilarious and more concerning. 

Others commented on Holloway’s especially buff physique. 

So Holloway, wherever you are, thank you for these amazing deliveries. 

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