Unofficial Winamp Port Now Available for Download

Radionomy, the current owner of Winamp, promised further support for what was once the world’s leading multimedia player, but up to this point, the only thing we got was a small beta with no new features.

In the meantime, an effort called Winamp Community Update Project, or WACUP, is supposed to provide us with a third-party port of Winamp 5.666 that would get more frequent updates.

And today, the very first preview version becomes available for download with a bunch of improvements and lots of bug fixes.

Now at version, WACUP delivers the same familiar Winamp experience, and at the same time, it’s supposed to receive improvements and keep the famous media player alive for a little bit longer.

Faster loading and improved performance

This week’s release comes with support for Discord, as well as with a change that’s meant to help deal with missing files in library playlists in a more efficient manner… (read more)

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