UniFi setup includes 80TB of Synology storage, and more

With the news that Comcast would be implementing data caps shortly into 2021, in December I finally made the switch to Verizon Fios. That got the ball rolling for me to start thinking about the rest of my networking setup and what can be improved. Though before I get to renovating anything, I though I’d go through everything in my existing setup and highlight all of the gear that makes my server and smart home tick. Head below for a closer look at my entire setup, including all of the UniFi gear, my Mac mini cluster, and over 80TB Synology NAS storage pool.

A closer look at my UniFi setup

I first dove into the world of Ubiquiti in fall 2018 when I built out my setup for the first time. Back then, the UniFi Security Gateway was the best way to get in the game for home networking, and it’s what I’ve been rocking since. There was a brief time where I was using the UniFi Dream Machine, but I’ve since returned to the USG pretty much out of convenience of how things were originally configured.

The only other piece of original gear that I’m still using in the current UniFi setup is the AC Pro access point, which is still handling fairly well. Nearly everything else that I had originally picked up has now either been replaced entirely or given a new role to fill. 

Alongside the USG and AC Pro that live on my apartment’s first floor, I have both a UniFi 150W PoE+ 8-Port Switch and a 60W 8-Port Gigabit PoE Switch that bring all of the home theater devices into my wired network while also powering various access points and security cameras. Outside on the porch, I’m still rocking a G4 Pro for keeping an eye on package deliveries that’s powered a Flex 5-Port PoE Switch. There’s also an AC Mesh access point that gives me pretty reliable coverage through my whole front yard area. 

Moving upstairs is where the bulk of my UniFi setup lives, with whole host of NAS and other accessories resting in a pseudo-rack, or LackRack, as they call it. An Ethernet line ran from downstairs connects into the latest UniFi 16-Port PoE Switch and extends to build out the rest of the setup. Connecting right in is a Cloud Key Gen2 Plus with rack mount, as well as an additional 24 Ethernet ports, thanks to yet another UniFi switch. All of that pairs with a UniFI nanoHD Access Point that provides devices on the second floor with a signal.

Here’s a look at the whole network diagram to get a better idea how everything in my UniFi setup is wired together.

UniFi setup

80TB Synology NAS and backup system

Alongside the actual UniFi infrastructure in my setup, I’ve also built out a NAS and backup system that is still handling quite well and even outperforming my needs for now. Everything is centered around the Synology DS1019+ that pairs with a DX517 Expansion Unit to offer 56.4TB of storage configured in SHR, which I mainly use for storing Plex files. I couldn’t praise the NAS enough back in the original review, and just about all of the sentiments hold true two years later. 

Alongside its actual storage capabilities, I use the DS1019+ to handle a variety of tasks in Docker. Most of these center around supplementing my smart home with services like Home Assistant and HomeBridge, as well as some additional tools.


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