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Uh oh, Trump has deleted tweets supporting the losing Alabama candidate

Just like every human being on earth, Donald J. Trump has regrets. Or so it seems. 

After his candidate for the Alabama’s Senate race, Luther Strange, lost the state’s Republican primary to Roy Moore — this guy if you don’t know him — Trump proceeded to delete three recent tweets in which he openly endorsed Strange. 

According to a ProPublica project that lists all Trump’s deleted tweets, the U.S. president took the decision on Tuesday night, after it became clear Strange was going to lose the race:

And here’s the cached version of the original tweets, whose timeline stretches from Monday night to Tuesday morning: 

Image: cached version/twitter



It’s OK Trump, you can’t expect to win every time. 

After the official results came out, Trump congratulated Moore, who in December will challenge Doug Jones in the general election to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

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