Uber Tests a Feature That Lets Some California Drivers Set Fares

Uber is testing a new feature that gives some drivers in California the ability to set their fares, the latest in a series of moves to give them more autonomy in response to the state’s new gig-economy law. From a report: Starting Tuesday morning, drivers who ferry passengers from airports in Santa Barbara, Palm Springs and Sacramento can charge up to five times the fare Uber sets on a ride, according to a person involved in developing the feature. Uber confirmed in an emailed statement that it is doing an “initial test” that “would give drivers more control over the rates they charge riders.” The ride-hailing giant has made many changes to the way it works in response to California’s passage of Assembly Bill 5. The law requires companies to treat workers as employees — eligible for sick days and other benefits — rather than independent contractors if they are controlled by their employer and contribute to its usual course of business.

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