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Uber IPO, Stash’s raise and more YC movement – TechCrunch

Welcome back to this week’s transcribed edition of Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast that unpacks the numbers behind the headlines. We’re running an experiment for Extra Crunch members that puts the words of our wildly popular venture capital podcast, Equity, in your eyes instead of your ears.

This week, along with guest Anu Duggal, the founder of Female Founders Fund, the team discussed Uber’s impending IPO, Q1’s IPO pace, Stash’s raise and more changes at Y Combinator that saw Sam Altman take a seat as the accelerator’s chairman.

So if you don’t like podcasts but still want the goodness that is Equity, you can have a read of this week’s episode below.

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Connie Loizos:
Hello and welcome to Equity. I’m TechCrunch’s Silicon Valley editor Connie Loizos. I’m joined today by Crunchbase News’s Alex Wilhelm.

Alex Wilhelm:

Connie Loizos:
Hello. We also have a guest in studio today from New York. Anu Duggal, the co-founder of Female Founders Fund, which has backed a lot of really interesting companies from the wedding site platform Zola to the smartphone lending app Tala, which caters to people and underserved and emerging markets. Anu, thank you so much for swing by today.

Anu Duggal:
Thanks so much for having me.

Connie Loizos:
It’s really great to see you.

Anu Duggal:
You too.

Connie Loizos:
So we were going to talk about the week being sort of slow. In fact, until about an hour ago, we were sort of talking about discussing the fact that there’s been this … a lot of talk and no action yet on the IPO front. Then Reuters broke the news that Uber is planning to kick off its IPO in April, which is just next month. And it’s also just right on the heels of the expected IPO of Lyft, which apparently is coming out at the end of this month.

Alex Wilhelm:
Yes. And this is evidence that the news gods still hate this show because this is, every single week we get on and say well there was no, oh, all the news broke an hour ago. So Connie details here are that we expect the Uber IPO to hit the Road Show in April or to actually get live in April?

Connie Loizos:
I think it’s got an issue. It’s required public disclosure of the S-1 and launching its Investor Road Show. And after that, I’m not really sure how long it takes. Is it maybe like a week later?

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