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Uber faces another twist in its legal battles

Ousted for a reason?

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The war between Uber and one of its major investors just got a new twist. 

Two Uber stockholders are trying to prove that Benchmark Capital, the investor that pushed for the ouster of founder Travis Kalanick as CEO and is now suing him for fraud, leaked information about Uber before all that started in a bid to take control of the ride-hailing giant. 

Lawyers for the two stockholders sent a letter to Uber’s board demanding to look at Uber’s books, Business Insider reported. The stockholders want to prove that Benchmark leaked information related to former Attorney General Eric Holder’s investigation into Uber’s corporate culture. 

Benchmark cited that investigation, which focused on widespread sexism and sexual harassment at Uber, and a lawsuit brought against Uber by Google’s Waymo over self-driving technology as reasons why Kalanick had to go and in their lawsuit against him now. 

A Delaware corporate law that the stockholders filed their request under allows stockholders to see corporate books and records. Uber didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. 

It’s not exactly a secret that Benchmark didn’t like Kalanick. The push to kick him out and his subsequent resignation put Uber stakeholders more publicly pitted against each other as Team TK or Team Anti-Travis. 

This is just the latest twist in a legal battle for a company—and a founder—plagued by them. Will this get even more complicated than the lawsuit over stealing self-driving car secrets from Google? TBD. 

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