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Two new tributes to Chester Bennington show how much he meant to the world

Chester Bennington performs with his band, Linkin Park, at the Download Festival in Madrid, Spain, in June 2017.

Image: Kiko Huesca/EPA/REX/Shutterstock

Two months after Chester Bennington’s death, his family, bandmates, and fans around the world are continuing to pay tribute to the late Linkin Park frontman.

Bennington’s wife, Talinda Bennington, posted a family photo of the singer on Twitter yesterday. She wrote that the picture — which depicts a smiling Bennington on vacation with his wife and kids — was taken just “days” before the singer took his own life. 

“Suicidal thoughts were there,” writes Bennington in the caption, “but you’d never know. #fuckdepression.”

In addition to sharing the photo, Talinda Bennington has been actively tweeting resources and messages of support for people struggling with depression.

The members of Linkin Park also took a moment to remember their late bandmate, and to recognize the fans to whom Chester and the band meant so much. Yesterday, they shared a video of fans in locations ranging from Shanghai to São Paulo memorializing Chester Bennington with vigils and, of course, music.

“Thank you to our fans from around the world for your outpouring of love and support,” wrote the band on Instagram.

It’s clear that, in the end, Linkin Park’s frontman Chester Bennington mattered a whole lot to so many. The tributes will likely continue to roll out in the months to come.

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