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Trump still can’t let the Emmys go, tweets again about ratings

Donald Trump: having strong opinions on the Emmys since 2005.

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On Tuesday, Trump’s obsession with crowd size and ratings was on display yet again when he tweeted about the 2017 Emmy Awards. 

After spending a day at the office/UN General Assembly, mingling with world leaders, name-calling volatile dictators and using adjectives, Trump treated himself to some Twitter time pillorying the awards show that denied him the top honors in 2012. 

He was “saddened” by the award show’s ratings and also threw in a shoutout to the “deplorables,” the “smartest people of them all,” presumably because they were avoiding the politically liberal awards show. 

Trump weighing in on TV ratings has been the new normal for a while now, but–also in classic Trump fashion–the president got his facts wrong by incorrectly stating that this year’s Emmy ratings were “the worst ever.”

While it’s true the ratings were low, part of an ongoing trend for the Emmys, it wasn’t the worst ever. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Emmys garnered 11.4 million average viewers on Sunday. The scientific “worst ever” average viewership for the Emmys came in at 11.3 million, for the 2016 awards. 

Donald Trump doing a 'Green Acres' bit with Megan Mullally at the Emmys  in 2005, back when this sort of hokey posturing was still funny.

Donald Trump doing a ‘Green Acres’ bit with Megan Mullally at the Emmys  in 2005, back when this sort of hokey posturing was still funny.

Image: M. Caulfield/WireImage/Getty images

With Stephen Colbert hosting, this year’s Emmys were characterized as “political.” The liberal tenor of the awards speeches like Master of None’s Lena Waithe and the jarring guest appearance of Sean Spicer might have also stoked the president’s ire.

But this isn’t the first time Trump has commented on the Emmys, both for its liberal politics and ratings. Though the Emmys nominated The Apprentice in 2005 for “Outstanding Reality Competition Program,” Trump continued to tweet about his Emmys defeat through January 2013, blaming the loss on “politics.”

For the record, The Apprentice lost to The Amazing Race

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