Toshiba Formally and Finally Exits Laptop Business

The Register reports that Toshiba has transferred its remaining shares of Dynabook to Sharp, thus ending the company’s time as a PC vendor. From the report: […] As the 2000s rolled along Toshiba devices became bland in comparison to the always-impressive ThinkPad and the MacBook Air, while Dell and HP also improved. Toshiba also never really tried to capture consumers’ imaginations, which didn’t help growth. As the PC market contracted and Lenovo, Dell and HP came to dominate PC sales in the 2010s, Toshiba just became a less likely brand to put on a laptop shopping list.

By 2018 the company saw the writing on the wall and sold its PC business unit to Sharp for a pittance — just $36 million changed hands – but retained a 19.9 percent share of the company with an option in Sharp’s favor to buy that stock. Sharp quickly renamed the business to “Dynabook,” a product name Toshiba had used in Japan, and set about releasing new models and reviving the brand. Which brings us to June 30th, 2020, when Sharp exercised its option to acquire the 19.9 percent of Dynabook shares it did not already own. On Tuesday, Toshiba transferred those shares and announced the transaction on Thursday.

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