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Tim Cook made an iPad ad that doubles as an Auburn Univ. commercial

When the CEO of the world’s richest tech company is an alumni of your university, you’re winning. But when that CEO decides to appear in a commercial for that university, you’re basically looking at the most valuable college commercial on the planet.

The CEO we’re talking about, Apple’s Tim Cook, just gave his alma mater, Auburn University, the biggest thank you imaginable. 

But of course, Cook also made sure to make the Auburn spot a low key ad for Apple by including an iPad and FaceTime. 

Cook appeared in a school spirit-style commercial for Auburn on Friday, along with fellow alumni including a Tesla engineer, a wind energy CEO, a best-selling author, a TV producer, and a supreme court justice. Not bad company. 

In another spot for Auburn, released on the same day, Cook goes deeper, talking about just how important the school was to his own development as a person, calling it a “one big, happy family.” 

Not gonna lie, Cook is pretty successful in sprinkling some of his Apple magic dust on Auburn. Just remember that, unlike a gig at Apple, joining that “family” probably means a few college loans that not even death can wash away. 

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