Three Little Things You Need to Know About the Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft’s Surface Duo is now available for pre-order, and the device is projected to begin shipping on September 10, with pricing starting at $1,399.

Needless to say, the Surface Duo is a key product for Microsoft, and it’s all for several reasons. First of all, it marks Microsoft’s return to the mobile hardware market after the company previously killed off the Lumia device lineup and Windows 10 Mobile.

Then, it also represents the software giant’s debut in the Android ecosystem, as this is the very first Microsoft device that runs Google’s operating system. But at the end of the day, the Surface Duo is supposed to allow Microsoft to compete in a new category of devices with a form factor that most people are yet to discover.

While quite a lot has been said about the Surface Duo in the last few weeks, here are three little details that many people actually seem to miss.

Mono speaker

While most high-end phones running either Android or iOS com… (read more)

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