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This Wifi system is fast, pretty, and really easy to set up


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Eero is a startup with a fun origin story: CEO Nick Weaver got sick of his parents calling him all the time because their WiFi was broken. So, he set out to create something easy enough for even them to use.

The , a WiFi system that wants to make your internet connection faster, easier to manage, and less ugly. They’re doing a pretty good job.

Eero is a mesh Wifi system—so instead of one router (that works less and less well the farther you move away from it), you get several Eero stations that work with one another to cover your entire space. 

The stations are like an early Apple product: white, clean, and a whole lot sleeker than that bulky router with antennas you currently have. And it’s super easy to get started; an app on your smartphone helps you set up and manage your connection. 

All you need is a modem and a smartphone. Eero even automatically updates and installs security updates.

Right now, you can get an —about 40 bucks off the usual $499.99 price. That’s enough Wi-Fi to cover a pretty massive house. If you live in an apartment or more modest home, they also offer 2-piece sets that will work great.

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