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Third of the UK Public not aware of the security policies implemented by their company

According to a recent survey conducted by Expert Security UK, almost a third of the UK public are not aware of the safety and security policies implemented by the company they work for.

With latest news of the global Petya ransomware attacks from Ukraine and NHS ‘WannaCry’ cyber-attacks, it should come as no surprise. For businesses, the consequences are clear: it is imperative they introduce a robust security culture and ensure their staff abides by them.

To help businesses get on the right track, Danny Schofield, Managing Director at Expert Security UK and a team of business experts have created a guide on why it is important to establish an all-around, effective business security culture and encourage staff to embrace security with robust processes put in place to protect the company.

You can read the guide here.


Danny Schofield, Managing Director at Expert Security UK, commented:

 “As we go forward, it’s imperative that we’re using every possible method to our advantage. This means being open to new solutions (provided that they’re fully tested and operative, of course) and making sure there is a balance between physical and cyber security.

“For businesses, there are plenty of new solutions that are being designed to prevent security breaches – from bi-folding speed gates and crash-tested bollards. With advancing technologies and increasingly sophisticated techniques it’s crucial that businesses stay one step ahead.”

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