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These Samsung smart TVs are on sale in time for that big football game

So, the Patriots and the Eagles are doing something important on TV on February 4? IDK, I guess there’s like a big football game or something. We’re sure you’ve never heard of it.

If you’re throwing a watch party for this game that may not be named (or sitting at home mourning the fact that you won’t be there), you can at least make the experience feel as super as possible — with a new Samsung TV to put you right in the middle of the action. 

Samsung is having a “Big Game Sale,” featuring nearly 20 TVs that are up to $2,000 off, with most  priced lower than they were on Black Friday. So if you missed that post-Thanksgiving stampede to get a new TV, it actually might have been a good thing.

The prices are just…so beautiful…

(If you’re not a sports fan, you’re still good — just thank the world of sport ball for this sale and judge the commercials and Justin Timberlake’s halftime show in high def.)

If you’re not up on your fancy TV jargon, QLED means quantum dot LED TVs, where light travels through layers of transmissive dots to make a picture on the screen’s surface. In normal terms, it’s technology similar to that of OLED, but with way less challenges and clearer, brighter pictures. Enjoy insane color volume, intense contrast, fluid motion and picture, and all of the Samsung Smart Hub features that you love — including access to your favorite apps, content, and sports. So yeah, we’d say it’s better than your old TV.

Flat screens

Curved screens

The MU UHD TV series is Samsung’s “mid-range” 4K television line, making them slightly more affordable than the QLED models. The MU Series is a new and improved version of Samsung’s 2016 mid-range TVs, and boy, do they really mean improved. The MU class is decked out with tons of premium features, sharper HD quality, and significantly less dimming than the previous models.

Not familiar with the term Dolby Atmos? It’s the technology that allows sound to move through the room from every direction, so you’ll literally feel like you’re in the middle of the coin flip or breaking up a fight between players. Samsung is still bringing it with the other soundbars, though — enjoy powerful subwoofers, wireless streaming, and movie theatre-like surround sound. 

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