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These $79 Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones are normally $260

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This is an unreal deal.

Image: Trelab

Everyone uses music to drown out background noise — whether because of a crying baby on a plane, loud chewing in the library, or neighbors disrespecting noise ordinances. Standard headphones pile your music on top of all that cacophony, usually covering it up, but really just fighting noise with more noise.

But noise-cancelling headphones are much different. Switch them on and suddenly the baby, the loud chewer, and the raucous neighbors have been muted, and your tunes are free to fill that sonic space.

A written description scarcely does it justice, which is why you should pick up a pair of TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones to hear it for yourself. We’ve featured them before, and now they’re back for a limited-time deal.

True to their name, the Z2s deliver a one-two punch of auditory power. First, there are the 40mm speakers with Sound2.0 technology, which provide enhanced clarity and fine-tuned frequency response, no matter what you’re listening to. Next, there’s unrivaled noise cancellation via TREBLAB’s latest T-Quiet tech. It filters out environmental distractions for a pure listening experience.

These high-fidelity features are complemented by a comfort-first design, exceptional battery life (35 hours of wireless listening), and a 33-foot Bluetooth range — making this deal a great value.

Get your TREBLAB Z2s today for $78.99, or 69% off the regular $259.99 price point.

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