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The story behind that inspiring picture of a human chain in Houston

In times of crisis, human beings get together and help each other the best way they can. 

That’s one of the uplifting takeaways from the “catastrophic” Tropical Storm Harvey that poured 19 trillion gallons of rain on Texas, bringing floods and devastation on the southern state. The storm produced the most rain of any tropical storm or hurricane in the history of the lower 48 states.

Among the acts of kindness — for strangers, for animals, for local correspondents — is this inspiring picture of a human chain to help rescue someone trapped in a car in Houston. 

The local ABC channel posted the photo on Twitter, where it went viral, with the caption: “#Harvey has taken a lot, but it will NEVER take our humanity. We have seen so many neighbors helping each other. THANK YOU #HopeForHouston“. 

Stephanie Edward Mata was driving her car on the other side of the flooded road when she saw the scene and started filming: 

She told Mashable a group of people spotted an elderly man trapped inside his SUV, which was sinking into the water, and were desperate to help him. But there was a catch: they didn’t have a rope with them. So they resorted to forming a human chain. 

“The people had no rope to get him out so they made a chain holding each other,” she said. “They pulled the door open and one gentleman got ahold of him as they held on until they got him safe.” ff91 ec6b%2fthumb%2f00001

Mata said she has no idea of what happened to the man after he was brought to safety. 

“There was a cop nearby where they took him to get checked out as he was so cold,” she said. “I really wish I knew what happened to him next.”

She also sent a picture of the SUV after the guy was saved:

It is indeed heartwarming to see all types of people holding hands to help someone in need. 

People on Twitter noticed it, and responded to the tweet with messages of hope in front of the tragedy: 

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