The SSL UF8 is overkill for my Premiere Pro audio workflow

The SSL UF8 DAW control surface is completely overkill for what I do, but following our announcement coverage, they asked if we wanted to take a hands-on look at it and I couldn’t resist. Thankfully, some features do work within Premiere Pro, which is where I edit most of my audio. To take full advantage of the incredible depth of control that the SSL UF8 offers, though, you will need a compatible DAW, or digital audio workstation like Logic, Pro Tools, or Ableton. If you’re interested in learning more about the incredible UF8 and want to see some of my audio workflows within Premiere, be sure to hit the video below. 


At its core, the SSL UF8 is a DAW control surface with eight faders and a whole slew of deep features to give digital audio engineering more of a hands-on feel. 43 assignable buttons make it easy to dial in the UF8 to your exact workflow. Instead of moving a mouse to drag faders and other digital inputs, the UF8 puts that control at your fingertips. 

Taking a look at the layout, we of course have the eight faders through the middle. These faders are all touch-sensitive and when powering on the console they put on an impressive show – moving themselves up and down the board. 

Across the entire board are different banks of controls. Soft keys in the upper right let you move between different customizable user keys across the top. Beneath the soft keys are selection modes, a large control knob that can control a timeline’s play head in Premiere Pro, and even mouse cursor controls with the four direction buttons in the bottom right. 

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