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The royal children got too cute at Queen Elizabeth’s birthday

Even if you’re a prince, you can still be an adorable, relatable toddler – and you can’t stop your older cousin from totally owning you in public. Little Prince George and his cousin Savannah Phillips stole the show at Buckingham Palace on Saturday during the Queen’s birthday flypast. 

The flypast, for those unfamiliar with U.K. custom, is a ceremonial aircraft flight. It’s pretty cool, and George was sufficiently shook:

‘How the heck do they stay in the air’

He and Princess Charlotte and the rest of the royal family had a wonderful time looking skyward at plane formations or something:

Wave at the cool planes, children!

Wave at the cool planes, children!

Image: Nils Jorgensen/REX/Shutterstock

Seven-year-old Savannah is Queen Elizabeth’s oldest great-grandchild, the daughter of Princess Anne’s son Peter. She’s close in age to George and Charlotte, but she’s the oldest, which anyone with siblings or cousins can attest is a position of authority far outranking Prince or Duke or any of that nonsense.

Here she is shushing Prince George:

George u better not spill those secrets

George u better not spill those secrets

Image: Rupert Hartley/REX/Shutterstock

Here she is shushing him, in a different way, while Charlotte turns a blind eye: 

lmao u may be a prince but u still a dweeb

lmao u may be a prince but u still a dweeb

Here’s that in GIF form plus some sassy conducting:

Long live Savannah Phillips!

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