The New Microsoft Surface Earbuds Are Here

Announced last October, the new Microsoft Surface Earbuds finally have a release date, with Microsoft revealing that customers can pre-order them today, with shipping to start on May 12.

Considered one of most powerful alternatives to Apple’s AirPods, the Surface Earbuds come with a totally different design as compared to the traditional wireless earbuds.

The puck design, however, clearly reminds of the Microsoft Surface brand, which is exactly what the software giant has most likely tried to get in the first place. The Surface brand itself has grown a lot in the last few years, and Microsoft is hoping that the new Earbuds would help expand it beyond the PC industry that’s already fully committed to.

One of the biggest changes announced today for the Surface Earbuds is a lower price tag. While Microsoft originally announced the Earbuds would come with a $249 price tag, they will actually go on sale with a $199 price tag, which makes more sense given the existing a… (read more)

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