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The new Google Daydream View will only cost $99

Image: JOHN G. MABANGLO/EPA/REX/Shutterstock

Google is probably soon releasing an updated version of the Daydream View, its VR headset that is powered by a phone rather than a computer.

According to Droid Life, the new model looks to be made of a nylon-like fabric, better able to withstand sweat than the jersey-like material of its predecessor. The new version will also feature better color options: Charcoal, Fog, and Coral.

The price, while miles behind that of VR giants like Oculus Rift, will still be $20 above that of the original model. This could indicate a more expensive fabric, but could also hint at an upgraded design. 

For a while, the mobile-VR ball has been in Samsung’s court. Gear VR led the market in 2016 despite a jump in Google’s sales, and its wider view field, superior motion-sensing hardware, and substantially lower price have solidified its place as the superior model

With a new design, Google has a chance to capitalize on the unique advantages it brings to the table—the portability, comfort, and versatility that Gear VR lacks (Gear is compatible only with Samsung phones), and pose a more formidable threat to its competitor if it steps up its hardware setup. But it needs to work on that price tag. 8f77 b38e%2fthumb%2f00001

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