The Medium's Latest Trailer Offers Glimpses of The Maw, the Main Antagonist

Bloober Team, the studio behind a handful of great horror games such as Blair Witch, Observer, and Layer of Fears, has just released a brand-new trailer for their upcoming, The Medium. The new trailer caller “It Came From the Rage” offers players the first glimpse into the mysterious origins of The Maw, the nightmarish creature and main antagonist of the game.

The Maw is voiced by Troy Baker, thus confirming that The Medium is Bloober Team’s largest and most ambitious project to date. The trailer that you can watch below also offers a closer look at Sadness, a mysterious masked girl who resides at an abandoned hotel.

In addition, a new piece of artwork titled “The Gift” has been unveiled that showcases Marianne, the protagonist of the game, as she readies her psychic energy against the backdrop of the material world and the spirit world.

For those unaware, The Medium features a chilling soundtrack co-composed by the legendary Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill franchise) … (read more)

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