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The Infosecurity Europe IT Security Guru Awards 2017

This year IT Security Guru, ranked among one of the leading information security websites you should be reading, will be conducting its Infosecurity Awards at the Infosecurity Europe exhibition in London between 06-08 June 2017.

IT Security Guru has four categories in which all those attending Infosecurity Europe can vote for:

  • Best Stand
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Giveaway
  • Best Speaker

If someone stands out to you, we want to hear about it and give the winners bragging rights! We would love vendors, CISOs, journalists, exhibitors, attendees and everyone in-between to participate in choosing the winners.

There will be two ways you can vote:

  1. Those that are more socially active can vote by using the hashtag #infosecGuru followed by the relevant category and the company’s or speaker’s name e.g #infosecGuru Best Stand FireMon.
  2. Printed answer sheets will be available on every stand where people can write down their winners.

Voting will stop on Thursday, 8th June at 4pm and any votes put forward after this date will not be counted.

The winners will be announced shortly after voting closes.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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