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The future of urban transportation is being built today (Paid Content by Ford)

Cycling is often the quickest option for getting around a city – and by far one of the cleanest. Looking ahead, urban areas will learn to design traffic flow to account for this influx of riders, taking cues from places like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Utrecht, where bikes outnumber people.

One way for cities to get on board is by doubling down on the growing need for bike sharing programs, like Boston’s Hubway and the popular CitiBike program in New York City. Ford recently partnered with Motivate, a leader in the bike sharing space, on Ford GoBikes to help expand cycling options across San Francisco and the Bay area.

Pedal power is one thing, but harnessing the sun and wind is another. Expect to see more opportunities for utilizing clean energy in urban areas in the coming years, as well as the reinvention of urban landscapes into cleaner, greener spaces.

Electric options are going to keep getting better, too, expanding beyond the personal ride into fleets of clean-running cars. Ford has announced its AV, EV, and Hybrid plans, which include the Ford Transit hybrid taxis for cities and hybrid commercial fleets that will cut emissions and lower energy costs.

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