The Amount of Bloatware in Windows 10 Is Just Ridiculous

Long-time Windows 10 users probably know that bloatware has been a problem of this operating system version since forever, and even though we expected Microsoft to address it with every new feature update, this didn’t happen.

There was a time when some of the pre-installed apps that were removed by users, including bloatware, that is, were pre-installed whenever Microsoft released OS updates, all without us even being asked about it.

And while Windows 10 as a platform keeps evolving, the bloatware just seems to be here to stay, and the recently-released October update is no exception.

I recently clean-installed the operating system using Microsoft’s official ISO images, only to find out that way too many apps that I don’t need come pre-loaded.

First and foremost, this is Windows 10 Pro, and which I exclusively use for my work. As an operating system that’s supposed to help you stay productive, Windows 10 should by no means offer bloatware that has nothing in comm… (read more)

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