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The 10 best iPhone X cases for every type of person

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The iPhone X is Apple’s most advanced smartphone ever. It’s a technological marvel inside and out. It’s also extremely slippery and you definitely should get a case (even if it’s a cheap one) to protect your $1,000+ device.

There are a zillion cases you can buy. Which one is right for you and your lifestyle? Here are 10 of the best we recommend.

OtterBox’s iPhone X cases are big and bulky, but at least they come in many different colors.

OtterBox cases are legendary for their ability to take serious abuse and that remains unchanged for the iPhone X. The Defender case is bulky, which means you lose some pocketability (sucks if you wear skinny jeans), but it’ll protect your iPhone X from virtually all kinds of impact, dust, and lint. The only downside to Otterbox’s iPhone X case is it doesn’t shield the screen, which is odd because the Defender cases for other models like the iPhone 8 do. A screen protector will cost you extra, but at least the body is covered up.

Runner ups: 

Peel's "Super Thin iPhone X Case" is only 0.35mm thick.

Peel’s “Super Thin iPhone X Case” is only 0.35mm thick.

In an perfect world, nobody would ever put a case on their iPhone X. What’s the point of spending so much money on an iPhone X if you’ll never appreciate the materials? For the most minimalist look, Peel’s “Super Thin iPhone X Case” is a solid case. With a thickness of only 0.35mm, it’s almost like not having a case on your iPhone X at all. The non-glossy versions will even add a bit of grip.

Runner ups:

The Louis Vuitton Eye Trunk case costs more than the iPhone X!

The Louis Vuitton Eye Trunk case costs more than the iPhone X!

Hypebeasts know what we’re talking about. Louis Vuitton’s Eye Trunk case is not cheap. Hell, at $1,250, it’s more than even the 256GB iPhone X. But that Louis Vuitton monogram sure is 🔥 tho. It ain’t Supreme — the streetwear brand hasn’t released any official ones, though there are plenty of fakes online — but this Louis Vuitton case is still one of the illest (that’s “cool” if your link to the Urban Dictionary is broken) if you’re all about that new new. The locket even opens up and the case comes with a removable leather strap so you can sling it around shoulder or neck like a true hypebeast.

Runner up:

You thought $1,250 was a lot for a case? How about $1,305 for The Gray Advent Aurora two-piece bumper?

You thought $1,250 was a lot for a case? How about $1,305 for The Gray Advent Aurora two-piece bumper?

OK, Gray International’s Advent Aurora bumper isn’t exactly a case. That said, the two-piece bumper is some pretty high-quality stuff. It’s made of aerospace grade 5 titanium and each bumper is uniquely heated so no two pieces have the same exact spectrum pattern. Moreover, the Advent Aurora is limited to 100 pieces. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. If you’ve got money to burn, get in while they’re still available.

It's 2018, who needs a big-screen TV when you have the Spigen Ultra Hybrid S case on your iPhone X?

It’s 2018, who needs a big-screen TV when you have the Spigen Ultra Hybrid S case on your iPhone X?

Sure, you could just put your iPhone X flat on a table and watch your YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or whatever. But do you really want to hunch over its small screen while you scarf down a footlong sandwich? Give your spine some relief with a case with a built-in kickstand. Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid S is reasonably priced and slim, but it still provides military-grade protection (drop-proof from up to four feet). Bonus: the kickstand is made of metal so it won’t snap off after a few uses.

Runner ups:

Moment's Photo Case fits all of its mobile lenses.

Moment’s Photo Case fits all of its mobile lenses.

The iPhone X has really impressive cameras, but to step up your Instagram or vlogging game, you’ll want to shoot with different lenses to those killer shots. Problem is, most iPhone X lens attachments require you to either take off your existing case or have their own big and ugly cases. Not only are Moment’s lenses the best in the game, but their Photo Case makes it so easy to swap between its macro, telephoto, wide, superfish, and soon-to-be-released anamorphic lens. Moment’s Photo Cases are attractive (especially the one with the real wood finish), rubberized around the edges, and also include a cutout at the bottom for attaching a lanyard.

Runner ups:

With this ZeroLemon case, you'll have battery for days.

With this ZeroLemon case, you’ll have battery for days.

Mophie’s battery cases are usually our go-tos for iPhones, but they haven’t released a version for the iPhone X yet so we had to look elsewhere. Sadly, six months after the iPhone X’s launch, there aren’t many battery cases from reputable brands (translation: won’t inexplicably explode). ZeroLemon’s battery case comes with a 4,000 mAh capacity, which is enough to charge up your iPhone X almost 1.5x. In many ways, the slim design is very Mophie-like with speaker cutouts that redirect the iPhone X’s bottom speaker to your face and an LED battery-level indicator on the back. If you’re always on your phone or need one to last you more than the average day, ZeroLemons’ battery case is a well-rounded one.

Runner ups:

Take selfies like Kim Kardashian with the Lumee Duo case.

Take selfies like Kim Kardashian with the Lumee Duo case.

The key to taking A+ selfies isn’t just knowing your best angles and pressing the shutter button on your iPhone X. You need kick-ass lighting to present your optimal self. The Lumee Duo has adjustable lights tucked into the front and back of the case to illuminate your lovely face no matter which of your iPhone X’s cameras you decide to use. You can thank us later when your bar selfies don’t look like mud.

Runner ups:

There's room for all your cards in the TwelveSouth Journal.

There’s room for all your cards in the TwelveSouth Journal.

TwelveSouth is well-known for its sweet, high-quality leather cases so it’s a no-brainer the best folio case for the iPhone X is its Journal. Though the company sells other folio-style cases (like the BookBook), we like the Journal because its design is less Victorian and more 21st century chic. The Journal is made of leather both inside and outside and has two card slots, a see-through ID card slot, and a pocket for cash. The case also doubles as a video stand in landscape mode.

Runner ups:

The brown leather on Apple's official iPhone X Leather Case ages really nicely over time.

The brown leather on Apple’s official iPhone X Leather Case ages really nicely over time.

Just like the iPhone X, Apple’s official cases are beautifully crafted. Apple sells three kinds of official cases for the iPhone X (silicone, leather, and a leather folio) in a variety of different colors. The leather case is our favorite, particularly in the “Saddle Brown” color (pictured) since it ages quite nicely over time. It provides reasonable protection from most drops to the sides or corners, the inside is lined with soft micro-fiber, and there are even metal buttons (most cases have cutouts that essentially recess the buttons and make them harder to press).

For more grip, the Silicone Case is the way to go. It’s also $10 cheaper. Get the Folio Case if you want to shield the display from the elements and stash some cash and a few debit or credit cards.

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