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Tesla’s Top 10 Project Loveday videos reveal truly dedicated fans

Tesla is holding a video contest at the suggestion of a 10-year old fan named Bria Loveday, who asked the automaker to hold a competition among vans to see which ones could create the best videos celebrating their Tesla love. The submissions are all in, and Tesla is set to reveal its top 3 picks at Friday’s special Model 3 event at its headquarters in California.

The top 10 video finalists are already selected, however, and Tesla tweeted them out on Wednesday to give people a taste of the best submissions, out of 100s of entries they apparently received. Check out the videos below, and maybe pick your own favorite 3 to see how those line up with the official Tesla selections come Friday.

“A Better Future” by THY FUTURE

“Tesla Fieldtrip” by Julian Whatley

“Electric Car Range Race: How far can electric cars go?” by Car Keys UK

“Tesla Project Loveday Contest Entry!” by Marques Brownlee

“Spaceships. For Earth.” by Everyday Astronaut

“Sonja’s SUPER QUICK Tesla Fan Video!” by Sonja Jasansky

“EMBRACE THE ENERGY” by Electric Life

“Spring” by Superficie Media

“Weekend Vibes” by bkgarceau

“Hope” by Florian Steidel

Featured Image: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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