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Tech is still at the top

Still a place to go for top salaries.


If you want to make money, major in computer science. 

Common wisdom is yet again proven in LinkedIn’s latest salary report. The study, examining salary trends for 2017 based on data from 2 million LinkedIn members, found that the educational field is the one with the highest-earning graduates. 

The findings were interesting, since tech didn’t take the top slots for highest-paying jobs overall. Eight of the 20 highest-paying jobs in the U.S. still belong to doctors. The largest bonuses are in finance. And the highest-paying entry- and mid-level jobs are in finance, too. 

It’s when it comes to education that tech really shines. 

Salary by education.

Salary by education.

Image: screenshot/LinkedIn

The average salary for people who majored in computer science is $92,300, the highest for any area of study. Computer science majors come in first, followed by average salaries for people who studied visual art, sociology, industrial engineering, and other fields. Half of the highest-paying fields are some sort of STEM, but the arts and social sciences sneak in there too. 

Geographically, San Francisco has the highest average salary (to go along with its high cost of living). 

Read the rest of LinkedIn’s report, covering how company size, location, and other factors correlate with salary, here

Or get started on that computer science college application. 

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