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Tech in Asia and KPMG launch new program to boost corporate accelerators

Disrupt or be disrupted. Corporations in Asia are now more aware of this, and they’re more eager to work with startups to harness new technology. Tech in Asia wants to help.

In partnership with KPMG Digital Village in Singapore, we’re announcing at Tech in Asia Singapore 2017 the launch of the Corporate Acceleration Program (TIACAP), which help corporations to create value for their business by sourcing, adopting, and integrating new technology.

TIACAP assists corporates to solve real business challenges by fostering co-innovation between corporates and startups. With KPMG Digital Village, we will work closely with corporates to define and validate their problem statements using a design thinking approach.

We will then scout Tech in Asia’s network of over 32,000 startups – Asia’s largest – to find those who can address the problem statements. Selected startups will join the program to prototype solutions in collaboration with corporates, which could lead to full-scale commercialization.

Previously, KPMG Digital Village brought together an insurer and Singapore-based startup Sqreem, which uses big data to derive behavioral insights, to collaboratively develop ways to better understand the insurer’s customers. This gave the insurer confidence to offer tailored products to different types of customers.

TIACAP is an extension of Tech in Asia’s partnership with KPMG, which was first announced at Tech in Asia Singapore 2016. There, KPMG launched Digital Village, a collaborative ecosystem of innovators, investors, and corporates who come together to drive the adoption and integration of innovative solutions, with a focus on fintech, healthtech, medtech, logtech and more.

Corporations who are interested in TIACAP can visit this website.

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