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Taylor Swift’s new single is already breaking records

Just three days into her comeback, Taylor Swift is breaking records.

Spotify announced Saturday that Swift’s newest single “Look What You Made Me Do” broke the streaming service’s record for same-day streams with 8 million plays, reports the Associated Press

The musician also broke a YouTube record for the 19 million same-day views on the single’s lyric video.

Swift’s Spotify record comes just a few weeks after the decision to reinstate her catalog on the streaming service, after famously pulling it in 2014. 

In a move that was widely seen as a slight against rival Katy Perry, Swift put her music back on Spotify on June 9, the same day Perry’s album Witness hit shelves.

Swift teased the details of her own upcoming album, titled Reputation, on Wednesday and dropped the record’s first single early Friday morning. 

From the single’s heavy-handed lyrical content to a sudden embrace of snake motifs, Swift is doing very little to disguise who the jabs in her latest single are in intended for. Clearly, the celebrity-feud-as-marketing angle is paying off for her.

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