T-Mobile Unveils ‘TVision’ Skinny Pay-TV Bundles Starting at $10 per Month in New Play for Cord-Cutters

T-Mobile is taking an aggressive new swing at the U.S. pay-TV sector, threatening to further roil the market’s dynamics: The carrier announced a new suite of TVision internet packages, available nationwide, that start at just $10 per month. From a report: With the new over-the-top TV play, T-Mobile wants to attract cord-cutters — and also poach existing cable and satellite TV customers who are fed up with traditional pay TV’s high prices and restrictive channel packaging. The TVision services are available in-home and also on wireless apps virtually anywhere in the U.S. T-Mobile also is introducing TVision Hub, a $50 Android TV-based adapter (with a remote) that plugs into the back of an HDTV to provide access to the TVision OTT services and 8,000-plus apps including Netflix and YouTube. “People sure love TV — but they sure don’t love their TV provider,” T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert said in livestream announcing the TVision lineup. He said incumbent cable and satellite TV providers are holding customers “hostage,” because they bundle in “live news and sports with hundreds of other channels you don’t want.”

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